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27.5.2004 10:47 AM CET
British humour

The Independent schreibt über eine Ausstellung in London:

Coca-Cola adverts are to be found in the farthest corners of the globe promoting a happy, wholesome image, but now they are the subject of a new exhibition which links the soft drinks giant with Nazi Germany.
The comedian Mark Thomas and the artist Tracey Sanders-Wood, who curated the art show Coca-Cola's Nazi Adverts, which opened in central London yesterday, say the company advertised in Nazi papers, exhibited at Nazi trade fairs and opened bottling plants in Sudetenland shortly after the Nazis invaded Czechoslavia.
Artists and members of the public with artistic aspirations were invited to contribute to the exhibition. Their brief was to imagine Coca-Cola's adverts in Nazi Germany.

Kommentare: 2 Kommentare

Schade dass die im Artikel keine Originalbilder der Ausstellung zeigen. Die hätte ich schon gerne mal gesehen.

Ich verstehe das nicht.